Performance Evaluations are conducted on an annual basis to encourage open communication between supervisor and employee.

Performance Evaluations For Administrators and Support Staff

In 2013 the President asked the Human Resource Department to lead the Non-Academic Program Reviews for all non-academic positions at Shawnee State University. This initiative was to complement the academic program reviews already underway. The purpose of these reviews was to position SSU’s non-academic employees for the roles of the future.

The goals for the Non-Academic Program Reviews are:

  • Create a clear set of duties, qualifications, and competencies required (the “position profile”) for today’s roles, as well as those in the future;
  • Once these position profiles are created, they will be used for staff development discussions as well as selection criteria for new employees.

The majority of job descriptions (position profiles) for non-academic staff have now been created and the training of staff on performance management is now underway. If you have not attended this training, please contact Megan Ketter ASAP to get scheduled. It is important that you attend this training.

Phases of the Performance Management Lifecycle for 2015-16

  • Jul – Sep, 2015: Phase 1 – Planning Phase (Introductory Training)
  • Dec – Jan, 2016: Phase 2 – Ongoing Coaching & Feedback Phase (Coaching Training)
  • Apr – Jun, 2016: Phase 3 – Evaluation/Review Phase (Training beginning 3/1/16)
Phase 1 – Planning Phase (Introductory Training)

During this phase the following events should occur: 

  • Supervisor and employee should review the draft of the employee’s job description in PeopleAdmin and notify HR if it is approved or if changes are needed
  • Supervisor should meet with employee to clarify job responsibilities and expectations and to agree on plan for 2015-2016
  • Supervisor enters plan in PeopleAdmin
  • Throughout the year, both employee and supervisor should periodically take time to re-read goals and assess whether performance matches
  • Both employee and supervisor should use private "Progress Notes

Performance Management Introductory Training Presentation (PDF)

Phase 2 – Ongoing Coaching & Feedback (Coaching Training - Mid-Year Review)

During this phase the following events should occur:

  • Supervisor and employee meet to review progress on the goals set during Phase 1 to assess whether performance matches, and expectations are satisfactory or require improvement
  • Supervisor enters progress notes in Performance Management and forwards mid-year review form to HR

Mid-Year Review form (PDF)

  • Throughout remainder of review year, employee and supervisor periodically review goals to assess progress
  • Both employee and supervisor should use private "Progress Notes"
Phase 3 – Evaluation/Review (Year-End Review)

During this phase the following events occur:

  • Employee completes Self-Evaluation of Year-End (Annual) Review, providing input on competencies and goals (due Apr 15) - Employee Training Presentation (PDF)
  • Supervisor completes evaluation, assigning ratings for competencies and goals, providing comments and/or examples, as applicable - Supervisor Training Presentation (PDF)
  • Second Level Supervisor reviews/approves
  • Performance Review Discussion occurs between Employee and Supervisor
  • Both employee and supervisor should use private "Progress Notes"

Questions concerning Performance Management training or processes may be directed to:

Janet Zender, Project Manager
(513) 382-7318

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Login and get to my review?

Log into the HR Suite Performance Management module at

  • Enter your Username and Password (they are the same as your SSU log in credentials)
  • Click on Go to Shawnee State University Employee Portal (this takes you into the Performance module)
  • Select My Reviews from Performance box located on left side of screen
  • Select the Program you want to review/update (under Status column containing the green Open button)
  • Click the area you wish to review/update. Personal Notes can be entered in the Progress Notes section - Goals can be updated or commented on in the Self Evaluation section

More details on how to use this module may be found in the slide presentation shown above.

Who participates?

  • Administrators
  • Administrative Technical Support Staff (ATSS)
  • Support Staff (CWA)
  • Public Safety (Police & Security)

How is this completed?

  • The Director, Associate Director, and Assistant Director of HR work with the department supervisors to gather position data. Each non-academic employee, through their supervisor, may also provide input.
  • The data is incorporated into a revised job description and competency model for each role.

How are the position profiles used?

  • The profiles are used with existing employees to have informal baseline discussions with their supervisors.
  • Since these profiles were introduced in 2014, employees were not "evaluated" in the traditional sense.  Instead, supervisors and employees had to identify strengths to be reinforced, competencies needing professional development, and career goals for the future.

What was the timing for the developmental discussions?

  • As departments completed the position profiles, HR provided training for the employees and supervisors on the use of the profiles.
  • The supervisors then initiated the developmental discussions.
  • These discussions occurred at different times for the departments; this was unlike other years where they occurred for everyone from March to May. The goal was for every employee to have one of these future oriented discussions during 2014.

What about new employees who were still within the probationary period or employees who have significant performance issues?

  • New employees continue to follow the existing policies or the CBA on the probationary period.
  • Employees with significant performance issues continue to work with their supervisors per BOT Policy 4.51 (Administrators / ATSS) or the CWA CBA (Support Staff).
  • All other non-academic employees followed the 2014 process described above.

Questions concerning performance evaluations may be directed to:

Dave Zender, Director of Labor Relations & Organization and Staff Development
(740) 351-3398