Intake Screening Process

How to Request Academic Accommodations

1. Student schedules to meet with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services via phone or e-mail.

2. Student will complete an Application for Services and bring form to their scheduled appointment or orientation day.

3. Student brings approved documentation for intake process at first meeting with Coordinator. Approved documentation includes the following: Last IEP/504 plan from high school, recent psychological evaluation or letter from physician documenting disability (date of diagnosis, severity and current treatment)

4. The Coordinator of Accessibility Services reviews the documentation and determines eligibility according to guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

5. The Coordinator of Accessibility Services provides student with an approved accommodation letter after intake meeting for each enrolled course. 6. Student is required to obtain approved accommodations every semester, preferably prior to the beginning of the semester or within the first week of classes.

Michelle Patrick M.Ed., LPCC
Coordinator, Accessibility Services
Hatcher Hall Room 107
Phone# 740-351-3106
Fax# 740-351-3551