The Appalachian Scholar

The Honors Program wishes to introduce the first peer reviewed undergraduate journal at Shawnee State University. Both honors as well as non-honors students are encouraged to submit articles for publication in this journal. The journal will also contain a creative section for writers of poetry and fiction as well as art students to submit their work. There will also be a limited number of printed editions that will be available in circulation. Student who are presenting great research papers at the celebration of scholarship or in senior seminar classes (among other places) are encouraged to submit their work for publication in our undergraduate journal. This is a great opportunity for students to distinguish themselves as they seek various career paths.  The length of research articles may vary from 1000 to 5000 words.  Citations should occur in-text following either MLA or APA format, whichever is appropriate for the subject matter. An alphabetized list of resources should also be included, following the bibliographic conventions of either the MLA or the APA citation style. We plan to publish the first issue of the Appalachian Scholar at SSU online at the beginning of March 2017. Please send your manuscripts to