Amy Grau

Title: Assistant Professor

Subject Area: Sociology



Research interests: Media portrayals of crime, Victimization, Race, and Gender.


PH.D., Sociology, 2013, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

M.A., Sociology, 2009, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

B.A., Sociology, 2007, Xavier University Cincinnati, OH


Primary Courses

SOCI 1101 - Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 2205 - Current Social Problems

SOCI 2206 - Social Institutions

SOCI 2207 - Introduction to Criminology

SOCI 2212 - Quantitative Methods in Sociology

SOCI 2610 - Introduction to Criminal Justice


Selected Publications and Presentations

Grau, Amy Baumann.  “The Devil is in the Details: How News Media Coverage of Family Violence De-emphasizes Victims.”  To be presented at Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology.  November, 2016, New Orleans, LA. 

Grau, Amy Baumann.  “Who is the victim here?:  How offenders and victims are portrayed in news media coverage.”  Presented at 2016 Joint Meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society and North Central Sociological Association.  March 23-26, 2016, Chicago, IL.

Timberlake, Jeffrey, Junia Howell, Amy Baumann Grau, and Rhys H. Williams.  2015.  “Who ‘They’ Are Matters: Effects of Immigrant Stereotypes on Public Assessments of the Impact of Immigration.”  The Sociological Quarterly 56(2): 267-299.

Szaflarski, Magdalena, P. Neal Ritchey, C. Jeff Jacobson, Rhys H. Williams, Amy Baumann Grau, Karthikeyan Meganathan, Christopher D. Ellison, and Joel Tsevat.  2013.  “Faith-Based HIV Prevention and Counseling Programs: Findings from the Cincinnati Census of Religious Congregations.”  AIDS and Behavior 17(5): 1839-1854.

Van Gundy, Alana and Amy Baumann Grau.  2013.  Women, Incarceration, and Human Rights: Feminist Criminology and Corrections.  Ashgate Publishing.