UIS Visits Evening Computer Labs

UIS staff visits computer labs that have classes scheduled after 5:00 pm during the first week of each semester. The purpose is to help students get connected to their network accounts during class when they need it. By reaching out to both on-campus and commuter students, we can help these individuals get connected to SSU technology immediately. This eliminates issues they may be confronted with before they occur, in an effort to prevent any special trips to campus for the sake of technology.

Also, visiting each computer lab after hours provides the opportunity for UIS staff to better understand first hand, how students are getting connected and whether or not the technology in place supports their efforts in every way. And if UIS finds a computer not working to standards in the lab, we schedule it for repair at that time.

SSU faculty appreciates UIS getting IT going for students so they are not interrupted with technical issues once class is under way. Students appreciate they leave class that night with the tools they need to complete their assignments. They also are privy to technology tips they may not normally get from reading one of our brochures or because they have limited access to campus resources during the day. UIS appreciates the opportunity to help students when they need IT.

The UIS Help Desk is open until 7:00 pm during the first two weeks of each semester for walk-in assistance and are always available by submitting an email request for assistance to the