If you are willing to serve as a moderator, please contact Aaron Bruewer

Aaron Bruewer
(740) 351-3564

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin.
  2. Turn on the computer/projector if it is not already on.
  3. If the podium has been put on the floor, set it on the desk in the front of the room so students who want to use it can do so.
  4. Give a door prize ticket to each audience member. Participants MUST be present to win. You may get more tickets at the registration table outside the Provost’s Conference Room. You do not have the matching ticket. Those tickets have already been placed in the basket for the door prize drawing.
  5. Keep things moving. Start your session on time. If there are three speakers in the session, make sure each keeps to the 10-15 minute time limit. Tell presenters that you will signal them when they have 1 minute left. Save questions & answers for all speakers until after everyone has presented. End your session on time.
  6. Encourage audience members to complete evaluations. More evaluations can be obtained at the registration table outside the Provost’s Conference Room.
  7. Turn in evaluations in box in the Provost's Conference Room.

Contact Aaron Bruewer if you have any questions or problems:

(740) 351-3564

For media assistance call 351-3256 or 351-3318.