How can faculty support the Celebration of Scholarship?

  • Mentoring students  (encouraging projects, creative work, displays, posters, overviews, and, of course, research projects).
  • Serving as a moderator
  • Cancelling classes and requiring students to attend (just a “friendly” suggestion). We cannot get a lot of students to attend because they have classes.  This is a worthwhile activity, and maybe you could find sessions having to do with your class or allow students to freely choose what to attend.
  • Helping students choose sessions to attend. The schedule will be posted online.
  • Giving credit for attendance at sessions
  • Talking  it up!
  • Donating a classroom to the cause.  (After all, this is what we are all about…student scholarship.)
  • Inviting community members to attend sessions with our speakers
  • Explain to your students what conferences are and the etiquette expected during conferences.  Guidelines are online.
  • Encourage students to apply for one of the Dean’s Awards, the Library Research Award  for Outstanding Bibliography, or a Poster Award

Instructions for Mentors

  1. Approach students who have done an outstanding job on a paper, project, or poster about presenting at C of S. Explain to them what a conference is and why it would be a valuable experience.
  2. Ask them to stop by your office with a copy of their titles & descriptions so that you can review them. Check for spelling/grammatical errors (this is helpful especially for the scientific or technical words that we are not familiar with). Coach them on wording the description so that it will attract an audience. Space is limited in the program so if they have written more than 5 or 6 sentences, help them to shorten it.
  3. Talk to them about the fact that they will only have 10-15 minutes to present so they may need to create a summary of key points from their papers or projects to keep within the time limit.
  4. Invite them back to your office the week before the conference to do a run through of their presentations.
  5. Plan to meet them at the faculty/student dinner on Wednesday evening and invite them to your table. If you are unable to attend the dinner, let them know.
  6. Plan to attend their session to support them in this important experience. (You can volunteer to moderate their session if you want).
  7. Pick up materials at the registration desk in front of the provost office Wednesday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Thank you for volunteering!