Celebration of Scholarship presenters, you are invited
to submit your paper or poster for a cash prize.

Up to three $100 awards will be presented to undergraduate student applicants and one $100 award will be presented to a graduate student applicant for an outstanding research paper and/or project. Must present at Celebration of Scholarship to be eligible to apply.

Submissions will be evaluated on the quality of the thesis statement or creative concept, how completely, coherently or imaginatively ideas are developed, how well ideas are supported with research, how well the paper is written (i.e., free of mechanical errors and written in an accessible and learned style) or how professionally the concept is executed.

Application Process

Submissions will be welcomed in the following areas:

  • Action Research Practitioner based research where researchers focus on their own work or that of an organization of which they are a part.
  • Humanities Research Standard research involving use of primary and secondary sources in humanities or related disciplines.
  • Social Sciences Research Standard research involving use of primary and secondary sources or field work in social sciences related disciplines including education.
  • Scientific or Mathematics Research Research that relies very heavily upon scientific method and controlled experiments. This type of research could include papers from Natural Science, Mathematics, Health related areas, and Technology.
  • Business Research Can include feasibility studies, marketing campaigns, product development, business plans, etc.
  • Creative Endeavors Any submission must also include a brief essay that reflects on the creative process employed in the creation of the art work.
  • English Composition Essay Any paper originally submitted in one of the following courses: ENGL 1101, 1102, or 1105.

Where to submit

Arts and Sciences students presenting at the Celebration of Scholarship Conference may submit hard copies of their papers and, in the case of works of art, other documentation to Dean Roberta Milliken, 100 Massie Hall or email their papers/projects to

Professional Studies students may submit hard copies of their papers/projects to Dean Paul Madden, Advanced Technology Center, ATC 220 or email submissions to:


To be eligible for the Dean Awards, your submission deadline is March 16, 2018.

Paper/Project Requirements

  • Minimum length – 5 pages, 12pt font, double-spaced
  • Must include a cover sheet (DOCX) (also available in the Deans’ offices)
  • Must contain a research component (surveys, polls, interviews, experiments, library research, etc) or, in the case of a work of art, musical composition, video, video game, or other creative endeavor, reflect on the creative process, philosophy, conviction, intent, influences, etc. associated with the work.
  • Documentation using MLA, APA, Chicago or CBE
  • Must be a currently enrolled student and a registered presenter for the Celebration of Scholarship