The Academic Resource Management Committee (ARMC) was established through collaboration of the University President, Provost, and the University Faculty Senate (UFS) in the spring of 2016. The Committee has the responsibility of reviewing proposals for new academic programs or changes (e.g. expansion) to existing programs that require investment of additional resources. The ARMC does not replace the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee (EPCC) of the UFS but rather provides a critical fiscal assessment prior to a proposal being presented to the EPCC. The members of the committee include the Provost, President of the UFS, Academic Deans, and the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

Proposals to the ARMC should include a completed Academic Resource Management Form (docx) and a three-year budget (xlsx) with estimates of additional revenue and cost of implementing the new or revised program. The ARMC meets on the third Tuesday of the month during the academic year and once in the summer. Proposals should be sent to Office of the Provost.


Past Proposals

ARMC Proposals April 2016

Career Services

ARMC Career Services 2016 (PDF)

Career Services- ARMF (PDF)

Early Childhood Special Education

ARMF for Early Childhood Special Education Dual License Program (PDF)

ARMF for ECSE Dual License Program (PDF)

Early Childhood Special Education Appendix-D Needs-Based Surveys (1) (PDF)

ESL Program

ARMC Results ESL (PDF)


ESL- Budget (PDF)

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Expansion (PDF)

OT- Budget (PDF)

OT- Supporting Information (PDF)

Sensory Impairment

Broadening Horizons Selection Criteria Alignment (PDF)

Broadening Horizons Topic Model Final (PDF)

Sensory Impairment- ARMF (PDF)

Sensory Impairment Endorsement (PDF)

ARMC Proposals July 2016

Actuarial Science

2016-05-21 – ARMF Proposal – Actuarial Science (PDF)

2016-05-24 – Memo about Actuarial Science (PDF)

Actuarial Science Program Recommendation (PDF)

Actuarial Science Budget (PDF)

LISD Visual Impairment

LISD ARMP Proposal (PDF)

LISD Budget (PDF)

LISD Recommendation (PDF)

Musical Theatre

01 – New Concentration – Musical Theatre (PDF)

ARMC Musical Theatre proposal 2016 7/15/16 (PDF)

BFA – presentation – notes (PDF)

BFA – request – handout (PDF)

Musical Theatre Recommendation (PDF)

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational Therapy Assistant Recommendation (PDF)

OTA Expansion to The Point and SSCC Proposal (PDF)

OTA Financial Analysis (PDF)

Veterans Services

Academic Resource Management Form (Veterans Center) (DOCX)

Veterans Center Recommendation (PDF)


Status of Proposals (XLSX)

Minutes of ARMC Meetings