1. Please fill in all necessary information on the form. Information about the document can be found in the Records Inventory Worksheet maintained by your Department or Office. This is where the Record Series, IUC Records Manual (PDF), Description, and Disposition instructions can be found.
  2. The Records Custodian (PDF) of the Department or Office should sign the form as the initiator.
  3. The Head of the Department or Office should sign the form indicating approval.
  4. Print the form and Sign where indicated.
  5. The form should then be submitted to the Records Manager for approval.
  6. Once the Records Manager has approved of the disposition, he/she will return a copy of the form to the respective Department or Office. At that time, disposition of the record may occur.

Records Disposition Approval Form (PDF)

For more information on records retention, please contact Janet Stewart, Dean of Library Services, at (740) 351-3197 or Suzanne Johnson-Varney, Records Coordinator, at (740) 351-3410.