Disputing a PCard Transaction

If you believe the merchant has charged you incorrectly or there is an outstanding quality or service issue, you must first contact the merchant and try to resolve the error or problem. If you are able to resolve the matter directly with the merchant and the error resulted in an overcharge, a credit adjustment should be requested and will appear on your next statement. The Cardholder is responsible for obtaining any necessary authorization for a return from the vendor and for obtaining a credit receipt from the vendor.

If the merchant disagrees that an adjustment is necessary, contact Customer Service immediately at 800.270.7760 (this number also appears on the back of your card) or by using the "Dispute" button in PaymentNet and notifying the PCard administrator. Complete details of the dispute will need to be made in writing in order for the Bank to research the item in question. Cardholders should not allow the merchant to drag the process out. The dispute can be initiated online up to 60 days from the Transaction Post Date. After 60 days, the cardholder must call the Bank at the telephone number listed above.

Refer to the PaymentNet User Manual for specific instructions for filing a dispute online.

IMPORTANT! The cardholder is responsible for making every effort to resolve the dispute directly with the merchant before filing a formal dispute with the bank.